Hypernetworks in the Science of Complex Systems
4th Ph.D. summer School - conference on “Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems”, Cultural Foundation “Kritiki Estia”, Athens

A short course on hypernetworks in the science of complex systems

                                      (You do not need to attend the Athens School to participate in the course.)

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There are five lessons over five weeks, each involving three or four hour work

(1) Each lesson involves reading a text and submitting homework questions based on the text.

(2) This course uses moderated peer-marking, meaning you will mark other students homework and they will mark yours.

Students signing up for this course must commit to doing the peer marking on time. Non-markers will not pass the course.

09-6-2014  Lesson 0    Introduction
23-6-2014  Lesson 1
    Sets, relations, and the Galois hypergraphs
30-6-2014  Lesson 2    Simplicial Complexes and Q-analysis
07-7-2014  Lesson 3    Hypernetworks
14-7-2014  Lesson 4    Multilevel backcloth and traffic dynamics
21-7-2014  Lesson 5    Hypernetworks in Global Systems Science



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This course is sponsored by the Étoile, NESS and TOPDRIM Future and Emerging Technologies projects of the European Commission
and certificated by the Hypernetworks Society in association with the Open University.
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